Second Chance Evangelist Ministries, Inc. is dedicated to providing Inmates the opportunity to build positive relationships & staying connected to the "outside" through written expression.

SCEM is sincere in its commitment and dedication concerning the welfare of those that are incarcerated.

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The Founder's Journey

Jemeker Hairston is an author, speaker, and evangelist. After serving a 12 year sentence, she was released from prison February 2005.

Second Chance Evangelist Ministries (SCEM) was birthed while she was incarnated, to inspire other women like her. She has a heart for women who have experienced incarceration , her mission is to embrace and encourage them all through SCEM programs.

Our Mission

Second Chance Evangelist Ministries, Inc. Is an evangelistic ministry whose goal is to:

Provide hope for the inmate by encouraging the inmate via written correspondence and possible visitation while incarcerated.

To reach, teach, develop, and equip men, women, boys and girls to live fulfilling and abundant lives through understanding and application of the Word of God.

To Encourage saints to reverence and worship God while holding steadfast to His Holy Word.

Letters from the Heart

SCEM "Letters from the Heart" program offers female inmates the opportunity to build positive relationships by staying connected to the "outside."  Letters from the Heart provides hope, both spiritually and socially for women who are incarcerated, by encouraging the ladies via written correspondence and possible visitations.

SCEM also encourages the female inmate to keep a journal. Writing is therapeutic and allows the inmate to express  herself in a less intimidating and non-judgmental forum..

Chapter 1


Everybody deserves a second chance.

On August 22, 1993, while still incarcerated, I received Christ and was baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost in a small little town near St Louis. I began confessing all my sins to the Lord, seeking His face, meditating on the Word, fasting and praying, listening to His voice, studying the Word, sharing the Word, teaching, and leading lost souls to Christ, to God be the glory.

He is still molding me for His purpose...

It does not matter WHAT you have done or are doing right now. You can make a choice to turn your life around. If God can give me a Second Chance, He will do the same for YOU

"Queen Pin"

Jemeker Thompson –Hairston reveals in gripping detail her journey of in her memoirs “QUEEN PIN”, written with New York Times bestselling author David Ritz's and her husband Champ.

She has been featured on Gangsters America Most Evil,  Forbidden,  KCAL 9,  700 Club, TBN,, A&E,  CBS, AND CBN.  Her documentary is one of the  Network highest rating shows. Named the "Overcomer Award" by The Inner City Youth Foundation.

Her testimony has gained worldwide impact and is shared through high profiled conferences and seminars. 

Marriage to Champ Hairston who has two sons RJ and Kevin, along with her son Anthony, and three beautiful grandchildren.

She is a blessing and counselor to many.  Jemeker is highly favored . It Is Not About her IT'S ABOUT JESUS!

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