Letters From The Heart

SCEM "Letters from the Heart" program offers female inmates the opportunity to build positive relationships by staying connected to the "outside."  Letters from the Heart provides hope, both spiritually and socially for women who are incarcerated, by encouraging the ladies via written correspondence and possible visitations.

SCEM also encourages the female inmate to keep a journal. Writing is therapeutic and allows the inmate to express  herself in a less intimidating and non-judgmental forum.

Our founder, Jemeker Hairston has discovered "the secret" while being incarcerated. She would write to people on the "outside" and by encouraging them, in return, she was encouraged. Now released, she has written thousands of letters and cards to people from all walks of life. Her message is simple and very clear -"You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you."  The response has been tremendous and positively impacted the lives of people of all ages, race and socio-economic backgrounds.

SCEM is sincere in its commitment and dedication concerning the welfare of those that are incarcerated. Our goal is to supply the OXYGEN of opportunity for the inmate by creating forums of expression. SCEM "Letters from the Heart" program will enable the inmate to express herself, providing a conduit to Life outside of prison; thereby, creating the "Second Wind leading to a "Second Chance."

Because we correspond with female inmates throughout the year, we accept donations year-round.  Additionally, we solicit donations of postage stamps, greeting cards, decorative paper and envelopes to be used to mail SCEM "Letters of Encouragement".

If you want to include an inmate on our mailing list click on contact button below and you will receive a confirmation within 7-10 business days acknowledging that you have been added to our list. Please understand we only write to female.

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