My Testimony

A long time ago, I was one of the biggest, most successful drug dealers during the 80's. I had no fear of the drug underworld. It was about the "Benjamins". I had been married to one of the most well known drug dealers in Los Angeles, who was killed at age 27, but his death did not stop or scare me.

I introduce him to selling weed and cocaine; so it was easy for me to keep the business going after his death. I went on to sell heroin.

I had a man in Atlanta, Miami, Detroit, Chicago and a few in Los Angeles... It wasn't about sex--it was all about material things and M-O-N-E-Y. Money controlled me, not the sex. If I slept with a man, he had to give me something; a house , a car, a mink coat, a piece of jewelry or something. Because I already had everything a person could want, I wasn't about to just give away my body for nothing.

My "toys" were a Rolls Royce, Benz, Excalibur Clinet, trucks, jewelry and a Rolex. I felt I was at the top of the game when I opened my own hair company, Hair Distributors Inc. I was successful, the only black hair company selling and importing Italian hair in L.A.

...BUT THEN an ex-boyfriend, who I once lived with, got busted for transporting drugs. He gave me up in exchange for his freedom.

I was living for the devil. I said, before I turned myself in, they'll have to kill me, so I went on the run for 18 months, until I was arrested at my son's sixth grade graduation.

I had never been to prison. I didn't even know the prison system, but after going to trial as a first time offender, I was found guilty and sentenced to 15 years.

On August 22, 1993, while still incarcerated, I received Christ and was baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost in a small little town near St Louis. I began confessing all my sins to the Lord, seeking His face, meditating on the Word, fasting and praying, listening to His voice, studying the Word, sharing the Word, teaching, and leading lost souls to Christ, to God be the glory.

He is still molding me for His purpose...

It does not matter WHAT you have done or are doing right now. You can make a choice to turn your life around. If God can give me a Second Chance, He will do the same for YOU

It is all about His Glory, His Purpose...

I am just being obedient to the calling on my life and that is to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ.


  • "A backslider, bitter, fearful, doubter, worrier, prideful, angry, hurt, lustful, adulterer, judgmental, controlling, liar, gossiper, deceitful, murderer, slanderer, complainer, cheater, thief, manipulator, lover of money, drug dealer...
    If I left anything out, only God knows."


  • Today I am an anointed woman of God. God has given me many gifts to be used for His glory. It's about my personal relationship with the Father today. Because of who I am in Christ, His LOVE, JOY, PEACE, and GENTLENESS lives inside of me.

John the Baptist came to pave the way, but I tell you today, there is hope in Jesus if you only believe and receive the Word of God.


  • I Must Be A Blessing To Someone. I want YOU to know Him--up close and personal...Just Ask Him and He will be your "everything"! He used me, because I asked "use me Lord".
  • I am a Holy Ghost filled woman of God. Walking in His anointing...An OVERCOMER by the Blood of the Lamb, the Word of God and my Testimony. Because He gave HIS LIFE, I have LIFE. All the honor and glory belong to HIM. So I have to praise Him Today. I have to make a joyful shout unto the Lord. I have to Worship Him for who He IS, because He gave me a SECOND CHANCE, I HAVE TO tell somebody.

My prayer is that YOU will be strengthened, encouraged and empowered. Always remember "You Are Highly Favored" in Christ Jesus. Your Humble Servant-All Honor and Glory Belongs to God! AMEN!
-Jemeker Hairston